My images are available either as:


Prints (printed on premium photo quality paper on HPC8180 Series Printer)

~8.5x11”  (optional signed and dated)
~4x6”      prints (minimum order of 10)

Or as

Digital Images on CD or DVD (that you can have processed at a custom photo lab)

Resolution          *Equivalent Print Size ~190mb file size
*7200 dpi             ~0.9x1.4" (original size of negative)  
  3600 dpi             ~1.8x2.8"
  1200 dpi             ~5.5x8.5"
    600 dpi             ~11x17"
    360 dpi             ~18x28"  Poster Size
    180 dpi             ~36x54"  Banner Size

*Remember the highest resolution image can be downscaled to lower resolution but a
lower resolution image cannot be upscaled to higher resolution without loss of quality.

And available on
CD or DVD with 100 of my favorite images at 360 dpi suitable for printing at 4x6 inches or create
your own desktop slide show.

Identify the image(s) you want by moving your mouse button over
the image(s) you want and writing down the image name,
or just copy the image and email it to me at:

 for prices.

No returns on CDs or DVDs.  Prints are guaranteed for full refund if
returned in the condition they were received.

All copyrights are retained by Jan Curtis
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